list of linux firewall destros.

I never used any of these Firewalls before, but I read on a lot of forums and websites I found online which recommends these Firewall Linux distros. for securing your internet and network. 

I might make a tutorial on Smoothwall, IPcop, and Devil-Linux when I have the time.

These Linux based Firewall operating system are best for corporate, or higher end users which need more flexiblity and security compared to the default firewall which comes bundled with most routers and operating systems.

My first impressions of Ubuntu-9.10-rc-desktop-i386 Alpha release

I installed Ubuntu 9.10 Alpha on a Virtual Machine with Sun's VirtualBox. Installing 9.10 is very similar to installing previous versions of Ubuntu. It also can be set to dual boot Windows and other Operating System with the GRUB boot loader that is installed when you install Ubuntu. I find the start up screens, and the wallpaper to be nicer. Ubuntu also seem to added a few wallpapers. It starts up and shutdown pretty quick to. The biggest improvement is the software install and uninstall tool. It is very easy to use. It is not too different from Ubuntu 9.04. The wallpaper for 9.10 also seems nicer then prevous versions of Ubuntu. I notice the Icons and Wallpaper to look better. I can't wait for the official Ubuntu 9.10 to be released in less then 10 days.

Some Screen captures of Ubuntu

New logo during startup

New Loading Screen

Better looking Desktop

Most Improve feature is the Software Center Applications because it makes installing and removing unwanted software.

Software Center for Ubuntu 9.10 Alpha

Wallpaper/Background thumbnails.

How to check your internet, video, sound, keyboard, and mouse on your computer with Ubuntu by using the System checking applet.

Go to System , Admininister, System Testing

The System testing wizard in Ubuntu Linux will walk you through how to check your  internet, video, sound, keyboard, and mouse . It is a useful program for troubleshooting your Ubuntu Linux computer by going to System then Administration and lastly picking the System Testing program.

Ubuntu 9.10 almost coming


Get your countdown clock for Ubuntu at to add a Ubuntu count down clock to your Website, blog, and forum.

I'm so excited. I hope it will be great like 9.04.

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