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How to update Ubuntu Linux Operating System?

Updating Ubuntu Linux is important to keep the Ubuntu Linux Operating System, and all of its software installed within Ubuntu up to date, secure, and more stable. Ubuntu usually automatically notifies you of new updates. If you know how to use Windows Update for Windows, learning how to use Ubuntu Linux’s Update Manager should be very simple. The only major difference is you have to type in your password for Ubuntu Linux.  You’ll need to have an internet connection to update Ubuntu. In general, running Ubuntu Updates should not make your computer run worse after updates in my experience, so you should keep Ubuntu updated to keep it running well and secure. Plus, it does not take very long since the update speeds are pretty fast if you update your computer regularly, and using a cable or DSL high speed internet connection.

Make sure you are logged in with an Administrator account, or the first account you made during the Ubuntu install process.

Ubuntu Update Manager is found under the System menu’s Administrations sub menu near the bottom of the menu. In Ubuntu Linux 11.04 -11.10 all you have to do is use the left sidebar/dock, and click on the icon/shortcut which looks like a magnify glass with a  the Ubuntu logo sign in the middle. This will launch the application search engine/ Dash Home. Type in the keyword Update manager then use the down arrow key to highlight it, and click the enter key or use your mouse’s left click button to click it. The Ubuntu Update manager will start up.

Click the check button in Ubuntu Update manager then click the install button. The Ubuntu Update Manager will ask you for your password you made when you installed Ubuntu. After you typed in your password, click enter on your keyboard.

Now you have to wait for your Updates to be downloaded from the Internet. In some cases, you need to restart your computer for Ubuntu to fully install all your updates.

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