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Welcome to my Ubuntu Linux Help website

Welcome to my Ubuntu Linux Help website which offers beginners to advance computer users help with installing, updating,using, customizing, maintaining, and upgrading Ubuntu Linux on their computer.

Ubuntu Linux is a free, secure, and fast operating system which is widely supported and used by millions of computer users worldwide in the open source freeware linux community, so if you need help with something related to Ubuntu or Linux, you can easily find help by visiting Ubuntu.com , and other Ubuntu Linux related websites on the internet. Ubuntu is also based on Debian which is one of the most popular Linux Distro. Operating system. This means you can also install Debian software in Ubuntu to use. There are also books, videos, and other material related to Ubuntu Linux to help you better understand how to use Ubuntu Linux as your everyday Operating System on your computer, laptop, NetBook, server, or virtual machine.

Ubuntu Linux is also compatible with a lot of your favorite software like FireFox, Google Chrome, OpenOffice, LibreOffice, ThunderBird E-mail client, VLC Media Player, Pidgin IM, Skype, Drop Box, Ubuntu One, Gimp Image editor, Audacity, Filezilla FTP client, Kompozer WYSIWYG website editor, Truecrypt, Adobe Flash Player, Java, and many more software. Ubuntu can also run some Windows programs if you have Wine Windows Compatability layer installed in Ubuntu Linux.

Ubuntu Linux also can be installed on many older computers without the need to upgrade your computer’s memory, CPU/Proccessor, sound card, network card, video card, and hard drive in many cases.

In this website, I mostly teach the basic information you need to know to use Ubuntu as your daily operating system, and some more advance topics on Ubuntu.

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