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What is Ubuntu Linux Operating System?

Ubuntu Linux is a Free Debian Linux distro. based Operating System which you install on your computer like other operating systems like Microsoft Windows, and Mac OS X.  Ubuntu Linux is free, easy to use, fast, and secure.

You can also try Ubuntu out by burning the install CD Image to a CD-R or DVD-R, so Ubuntu Linux is also a LiveCD operating system which you can run from a CD without making any changes to you computer’s hard drive.

An operating system is the software needed for your computer to talk to your computer hardware like video card, sound card, CPU, RAM, etc to tell it what to do when you click a mouse, or type on your keyboard. Other examples of operating systems are Windows, Mac, Redhat, Linux Mint, etc.

Ubuntu Linux is similar to Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X since you use your mouse, and keyboard to use the operating system like all modern graphical based operating systems for computers.

Ubuntu Linux is mostly installed on Desktop and laptop computers. However, there are also versions of Ubuntu available for Netbooks, servers, and mobile computers.

There are also millions of Ubuntu Linux users making Ubuntu Linux one of the most popular Linux based operating systems in the world. You can use Ubuntu Linux to browse the web, play games, listen to music, watch videos, check e-mail, do office work, edit photos and videos, and do most of the tasks which you usually do on a Windows or Mac computer. However, Ubuntu is free, and most of the software like OpenOffice, Adobe Flash, FireFox, Google Chrome, Skype, VLC media player, etc which can run on Ubuntu for free.

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