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Resources to Learn More About Ubuntu Linux

Books on Ubuntu are useful for using when you do not have access to your computer like when you are installing Ubuntu which does not allow you to go online to read a tutorial on a website on “how to install ubuntu?” since during the install Ubuntu would not let you open a browser until your computer is done installing Ubuntu.

Plus, you can read about Ubuntu Linux while you are at school, on the bus, at home, or anywhere you like.

Official Ubuntu Book, The (5th Edition) is a 448 page book written by Experts, and Leaders of the Ubuntu Linux Community to help you learn how to install, use, configure, customize, update and upgrade Ubuntu 10.04 for home, school and work computers. This book will also teach you how to install Ubuntu onto your Netbook and Laptops without CD drives. Official Ubuntu book will also teach you how to use Ubuntu for gaming, entertainment, office work, e-mail, chat, servers, and more. This book also comes with the Ubuntu 10.04 install DVD, so you do not have to download and burn Ubuntu 10.04 to a CD-R or DVD-R with your CD or DVD burner to make the install disc for installing Ubuntu 10.04 onto your computer.

Official Ubuntu Book, The (6th Edition) to learn how to use Ubuntu 11.04 LTS as your daily operating system for web browsing, multimedia, office work, and more advance topics.

Ubuntu.com is the best website to learn more about Ubuntu Linux because it is the official website with plenty of tutorials related to using Ubuntu, and a forum with lots of users who are willing to help you with you use Ubuntu Linux. You can also download the latest and past versions of Ubuntu Linux from Ubuntu.com. Ubuntu.com is the best online resource to learn everything you want to know about the Ubuntu Linux operating system.

View my Ubuntu Linux videos on Youtube where I have lots of online screencast video tutorials on burning Ubuntu Linux from a Windows based operating system, installing Ubuntu onto your computer or virtual machine, updating Ubuntu Linux, customizing it, and installing 3rd-party software and Windows software on Ubuntu Linux, and other topics related to Ubuntu Linux and open source Linux based software for you to use on your computer. All my videos are narrated by me, and I show you all the steps you need to take to do tasks in Ubuntu Linux.

Ubuntu’s official help site is one of the best official Ubuntu.com websites for learning about all current and past versions of Ubuntu. It has all the information you need to know on maintaining, updating, upgrading, using software in Ubuntu, and hardware compatibility for Ubuntu. Help.Ubuntu.com is one of the most detailed help user guides related to using Ubuntu Linux for the common user to read online for free.

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