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Ubuntu Security and user management tutorials

Learn how to make Ubuntu even more secure by installing a firewall, antivirus ,and making user accounts in Ubuntu Linux to protect you and your data.

Antivirus and Firewall installation

Install Avast Anti-virus Linux edition on Ubuntu 9.04 and do a scan
Learn how to install Avast Linux anti-virus, update its definition, and do a scan to protect Ubuntu.

Installing a firewall in Ubuntu 8.04 LTS – 9.04
Learn how to protect your Ubuntu computer from attacks by installing a Firewall for Ubuntu from the Terminal Command window.

Use Ubuntu Software Centre to install Firewall Configuration video
Watch my video of me using Ubuntu Software Centre to install Ubuntu Firewall Configuration program to enable the Ubuntu Firewall and make a rule.

Install and Use TrueCrypt disk Encryption for Ubuntu Linux and other Distros
Learn how to Install Truecrypt on Ubuntu to make password protected file containers to protect your sensitive information.

User Accounts

Make User Accounts for Ubuntu 9.04
Learn how to make a user account in Ubuntu, so you can share your computer with other people without sharing your personal files.

Automatic user account login for Ubuntu 9.04
Learn how to turn on automatic login, so every time Ubuntu 9.04 starts up the same user will login automatically.

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