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Online program tutorials for Ubuntu for using web browsers, e-mail clients, FTP programs

Learn how to use and install programs in Ubuntu fto use 3rd-party or bundled Ubuntu to go  online like web browsers, e-mail clients, ftp, Instant Messangers and more in Ubuntu to manage your online tasks.

Change to Google DNS in Ubuntu 10.10 Network Connections video
I’ll show you how to change to Google DNS on your Network card Connections in Ubuntu. Google DNS can make your internet a faster, more reliable and safer experience compared to using your ISP’s DNS servers.

Adobe Macromedia Flash Player  and install and troubleshooting articles

Install Adobe Macromedia Flash Plugin for Firefox on Ubuntu 8.04+ and above with .deb install file for Flash
Learn how to install  Adobe Macromedia Flash for Firefox on Ubuntu 8.04 and above with .deb install file for flash.

Install Adobe Macromedia Flash Plugin for Firefox on Ubuntu 7.10 with .tar.gz install package for Flash
Learn how to install Adobe Macromedia Flash for Linux on Ubuntu 7.10, Fedora, and other non-debian linux distros.

How to stop Firefox 3.5 from crashing when Youtube and other flash videos are in full screen mode 
Learn how to prevent Firefox 3.5 from crashing on Ubuntu 9.04 when you make a Youtube or other flash video fullscreen in Firefox 3.5 browser.

Google Chrome Web Browser

Use Ubuntu Software Center 10.10 to Install Google Chrome Web Browser for Ubuntu Video
Learn how to install Google Chrome in Ubuntu Linux 10.10 with Ubuntu Software Center in a few simple steps by watching my video on installing Google Chrome with Ubuntu software center.

Sun Java install on Ubuntu 9.10

Install Sun Java Runtime in Ubuntu 9.10 video
Learn how to install Java on Ubuntu 9.10, so you can run Java programs on Firefox web browser or on your Ubuntu computer.

Install Java plug-in for Firefox with Terminal for Ubuntu 10.04 LTS video
I’ll show you how to install Java runtime from the Terminal command prompt in Ubuntu Linux LTS by installing the self-extracting file and verifying it at Java.com.

FTP client

How to install Filezilla FTP Client in terminal
Learn how to install Filezilla FTP Client in Terminal Command prompt for Ubuntu 9.04.

How to Install FileZilla FTP Client with Ubuntu Software Center Video
Learn to install FileZilla FTP Client in Ubuntu Software Center for Ubuntu Linux 10.10 in a few easy steps.

Online Security

Installing a firewall in Ubuntu 8.04 LTS – 9.04
Learn how to protect your Ubuntu computer from attacks by installing a Firewall for Ubuntu from the Terminal Command window.

Install Avast Anti-virus Linux edition on Ubuntu 9.04 and do a scan
Learn how to install Avast Linux anti-virus, update its definition, and do a scan to protect Ubuntu.

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