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Use Ubuntu Software Center 10.10 to Install Google Chrome Web Browser for Ubuntu Video

I will teach you how to install Chormium which is the browser which Google Chrome is based on in Ubuntu Linux with Ubuntu Software Center in a few simple steps. Google Chrome is a free open source web browser which Google made. Chrome is very easy to use, fast, reliable, clean, and secure and has a lot of add-ons for it. Google Chrome is also one of the most secure web browsers available today. It is a great alternative to the default FireFox web browser which comes bundled with Ubuntu Linux.

1. Start Ubuntu Software Center by going to the applications menu, and clicking on Ubuntu Software Center.

2. Type in Chrome in the top right search box in Ubuntu Software Center.

3. Highlight Chromium web browser and click the install button next to it.

4. Type in your administrative password, and press the enter key on your keyboard.

5. Wait for Chrome to finish installing.

6. Once Chrome is finish installing you can find it in Applications’ Internet sub-menu.

7. Pick your default search engine, and Chrome is ready to use for surfing the web.

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