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Troubleshooting Ubuntu Linux Operating System

In many cases problems related to Ubuntu Linux is related to hardware drivers, or hardware compatibility problems. The simplest way to deal with this problem is just to buy a new expansion card like sound card, video card, network card, TV tuner card, and other types of expansion cards which you know is compatible with Linux by reading the manuals for the hardware online or in the instruction booklets online.

If you are experience bad performance with Ubuntu Linux, upgrading your RAM, Video Card, and CPU could make Ubuntu run a lot faster. Using Lubuntu or Xubuntu which are lighter versions of Ubuntu could also make Ubuntu faster on a lowend computer which is too slow for the official version of Ubuntu from Ubuntu.com .

After installing Ubuntu, or Upgrading to the latest version of Ubuntu Linux, you should run a Ubuntu Update on Ubuntu since most updates fixes bugs for software and Ubuntu by installing patches, and fixes which can improve the usability, performance, and stability of Ubuntu Linux and software on Ubuntu when you update Ubuntu.

Unfortunately, a lot of the time when people use Ubuntu, they pick older computers which are failing or almost broken due to old age of the computer, or a failing computer part like drive controller, hard drive, video card, RAM, CPU, motherboard, etc which can make Ubuntu run unreliabily, or not at all. Make sure all your computer parts on your computer or laptop is in working condition to avoid random freezes, crashes and start up problems with Ubuntu caused by failing hardware on a PC. If you find failing hardware, replace the part, or ask someone to replace the part for you.

You can buy a new computer with Ubuntu pre-installed on it from System76, and other computer manufactuers who pre-installed Ubuntu Linux on them to avoid or make it less likely to get a computer with failing hardware since new computers are more reliable.

Ubuntu.com and Ubuntu forums  and blogs also has a lot of information about which computers are 100% compatible with Ubuntu Linux.

To learn more about Ubuntu Linux, I recommend that you buy a copy of Official Ubuntu Book, The (5th Edition) to learn all the advantages of Ubuntu Linux 10.04, and how you can use Ubuntu in your daily computing needs like office work,  photos, entertainment, internet, e-mail, and multimedia.

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