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Change to Google DNS in Ubuntu 10.10 Network Connections video

I’ll show you how to change to Google DNS on your Network card Connections in Ubuntu. Google DNS can make your internet a lot faster, more reliable and a safer experience compared to using your ISP’s DNS servers since Google DNS is well maintained and can do DNS look ups faster.

1. Go to Systems menu on the top toolbar in Ubuntu, and click on the preferences sub menu.

2. Click on Network Connections shortcut launcher.

3. Under the wired tab highlight the eth0 item in the list, and click edit button.

4. Go to the IPv4 settings tab.

5. For the Methods Drop down menu, choose Automatic (DHCP) address only.

6. In the DNS server text box, type,, and click the apply button.

You are now using Google DNS as your default DNS server in Ubuntu 10.10!

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