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How to make an user account in Ubuntu 9.04

This tutorial will teach you how to add a user to Ubuntu with the users and groups program, so you can share your computer with other people without them having access to your files, folders, or installing programs on your computer without the proper user access permission.
Login with an administrator account.

1. Go to System>Administration>Users and Groups

Users and Groups program

2.Click on “Unlock” button.

Click unlock button

3. Enter your password, and press Enter key.

4. type in username, real name, pick a profile you want the user to have, type in a password for the user account you are about to create.

Add User Button Account Information

5.Fill in the contact info for user in the contacts tab (optional)

6.Click on user privileges to check or uncheck what type of privileges you want the user to have.

User priviledges

7.Click OK button at the bottom of your screen. Congrats, you created a new user.

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