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How to burn Ubuntu 9.04 install CD image with DeepBurner free edition for Windows

This tutorial will teach you how to download the Ubuntu 9.04 ISO from Ubuntu Linux’s Website at Ubuntu.com to burn the Ubuntu Linux ISO to a CD with Deepburner which is a free CD burning program for Microsoft Windows which is capable of burning the Ubuntu Linux ISO to a CD, so you can start your computer from the Ubuntu install CD which you burned with Deepburner to install Ubuntu Linux on your PC.

1. Download Ubuntu 9.04.iso cd image from http://ubuntu.com

2. Download Deepburner from http://www.deepburner.com/?r=download I recommend the DeepBurner Free 1.9 free since it is free and it works.

3. Put a CD-R, DVD+R or DVD-R which have 700 MB of Space or greater into your CD or DVD burner drive. I recommend Verbatim, TDK, Taiyo Yuden, Maxell they make good Disks.

4. Start Deepburner, and Choose “Burn ISO image” from the Select Project window, and press next.

Burn ISO image

5.Press the […] button and pick your CD-Burning drive, and choose your cd burning speed.

6. Click the Burn ISO button at the bottom right.

Burn window
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