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Free Word Processors Document Programs for Ubuntu 10.10 Linux Desktop Edition

Ubuntu 10.10 Linux can be used to write up your essays, letters, memos, e-books, and other document types. My list of top word processors for Ubuntu Linux include Oracle OpenOffice Writer, IBM Lotus Symphony, Kword, Abiword, and Google Docs Word Processors which all work when I tried them on Ubuntu for typing out my reviews, short stories, blog posts, homework, and more.

Some of the Word Processors I tried work better or about the same as paid alternatives for Windows like MS Word while other word processors were kind of buggy, lack a few important features or was hard to use compared to other free and paid word processors.

Oracle OpenOffice Writer

OpenOffice by Oracle is an easy to use, fast, and simple word processor program. OpenOffice is bundled with Ubuntu Linux 10.10 which means you do not need to install it manually. It kinds of resembles Word 97-2003 with it’s toolbars, and menus. However, it seems kind of dull looking with it’s gray theme. It comes with a lot of features, and is a good word processor which can do most tasks.

Click here to learn more about Oracle OpenOffice Writer

IBM Lotus Symphony Word Processor

IBM Lotus Symphony is a nice word processor which uses tabs, and a right sidebar to do most of the common tasks like bold, italics, underline, etc. It is simple to use, and can do most or all the things Open Office can do. It also has a large collection of pre-bundled clip art. The one down side is you have to register at Lotus Symphony’s website in order to download and install it on Ubuntu 10.10. It also seems to be a little slower then Open Office.

Click here to read more about IBM Lotus Symphony Word Pocessor

KOffice Kword Word Processor

A nice lightweight fast word processor for writing memos, and letters. But, the user interface is not as simple to use. It took me a while to learn how to learn the right sidebar. However, the start up time for Kword is pretty fast, and Kword comes pre-bundled with templates for letters, envelopes, and labels.

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Abiword Word Processor

Abiword is a very lightweight word processor which is fast and stable. However, if you enable grammer checker it seems to slow down Abiword. Also, document files seems to get broken after inserting links or copying paragraphs from other document files.

Click here to view my full review on Abiword

Google Docs Word Processor

Google Docs Word Processor is a web based word processor. It is fast, easy to use and has a nice user interface. However, if you do not have access to the internet, or you forgot your Google Docs password or username, you can’t work on your document files. What Google docs is great for is sharing document files with other Google Docs users which you gave permission to share documents with by sending them an e-mail with the share link. Google Doc’s has all the basic features like text formating, spell check, bulleted list, but the more advance features like mail merge are not possible.

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In summaruy, Open Office and Lotus Symphony word processors are good for writng e-books, essays, and larger documents. Kword, and Abiword are better for writing short stories, paragraphs memos, and notes. Google Docs is best for sharing documents with other, or people who need to access their document on a constant basis on multiple computers with an internet connection.

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