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Installing Gimp Image Editor to Ubuntu 10.10 with Ubuntu Software Center Video

I’ll teach you how to install Gimp which is a free open source image editor available for Ubuntu Linux 10.10 in Ubuntu Software Center. Gimp is a fast, powerful, and light image editor which can be installed on slower computers without noticeable lag when in use. Gimp is a great alternative to paid graphics editing software like Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, etc.

There are also a lot of tutorials online available for Gimp.

1. Go to Applications then Ubuntu Software Center.

2. Use Ubuntu Software Center to search for gimp, and highlight it with your mouse.

3. Click the Install Button.

4. Type in your Ubuntu Administrative password, and click enter key.

5. Once Ubuntu finish installing Gimp, you can find Gimp Under the Graphics submenu in Ubuntu’s Applications menu on the top toolbar.

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