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Install VirtualBox on Ubuntu 10.04 Linux LTS video

I’ll show you how to simply install VirtualBox on your Ubuntu 10.04 LTS operating system by using the Gdebi package installer in Ubuntu to install the VirtualBox Debian package for Ubuntu 10.04 LTS which you download from Virtualbox.org. No terminal command prompts are required in the installation of VirtualBox Virtualization software.

VirtualBox is a free open source virtualization program which allows you to run one or multiple guest operating system like Windows, OS X, Linux on a host OS like Ubuntu.

I also walk you through how to install a Virtual machine and set it up in Ubuntu. It is very easy all you have to do is press the New button in Virtual Box and follow the wizard. Once you set up your Virtual machine. You need to right click it and pick settings to add a CD /DVD or CD/DVD ISO image to boot  your virtual machine from.

Good luck installing Oracle Virtual Box in Ubuntu 10.04 LTS and your virtual machine.

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