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Install Linux Wine HQ + CCleaner on Ubuntu 9.10 Video

WineHQ is a Windows compatibility layer similar to an Emulator for Ubuntu and other Linux Distros. You can use Wine to Install and run some Windows based programs and games within Ubuntu Linux without the need to install Windows in a Virtual Machine within Windows. CCleaner is a disk cleanup utility for Windows, but can also be used with Wine to uninstall windows programs which you installed in Windows wine, and cleans wines disk and registry.To install Wine, go to Ubuntu Software Centere and type in WineHQ in the textbox, and click the install button.When Wine is Installed, you need to right click a Windows .exe executable and pick open with wine. Next, you install your program like you were installing it with Windows. When CCleaner is installed there will be a desktop shortcut which says CCleaner.desktop which you need to double click and pick “mark as trusted” to run it.

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