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The Portable Scanner – it’s Ideal for Telecommuters

If you’re like most telecommuters, you probably only go into the office once or twice a month.  That’s really convenient especially if you live far away from your office.  It’s also a plus since you’re able to work your own hours for the most part.  But one disadvantage might be if you need to send receipts or business cards of your new clients to your main office.  Either you collect your receipts and cards until you visit the office or mail them by regular mail.  There is a solution to this inconvenient method – the portable scanner.

The portable scanner scans and reads hard copy documents and then digitalizes and uploads them to your computer, all within a matter of seconds.  These documents can be receipts, business cards, checks or just about any other type of hard copy document.  And once the document is uploaded, it can then be sent to the main office within seconds.  That means no more reimbursement delays due to late submission of receipts.  And no more delays in forwarding new business contacts either.  In other words, the portable scanner really improves overall efficiency.

Imagine the following scenario.  You spend $500 on work-related costs but only have two days to submit them since it’s the end of the month.  Without the original receipts or at least digital copies of the receipts, the business office will not be able to reimburse you the following month (you’ll have to wait one additional month).  Luckily, you just purchased a portable scanner for your home office and within minutes you scan and send all of your digital receipts to the business office, on that same day.  No more worry about sending your receipts overnight or making a last-minute stop at the office.

And like its name suggests, the portable scanner is small enough that it can easily be placed anywhere in your office or home.  With dimensions comparable to an oversized stapler and weighing less than 12 ounces, it’s easy to carry around the house.  And it doesn’t even require its own power source.  You simply connect it to your computer with an ordinary USB cable.

Telecommuting has never been easier!
A portable scanner is lightweight enough to move from desk to desk so that only two or three scanners are needed for a medium-sized office environment.

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