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Redesigned Johnson-yip.com – faster loading, better accessibility for mobiles, slow internet users

I recently redesigned Johnson-yip.com by using the nixer theme which is one of the most lightweight Drupal themes, and seem to work best for newer mobile devices like Tablets, Smartphones, and most internet enabled devices which has a web browser.

I also installed Drupal Boost which is a caching module which cache Drupal posts, and serve out Static HTML pages to visitors. This means this site now should load faster, and can handle more traffic at one time without slowing down the rest of the website because of a spike in traffic.

Now this website should load faster on slower internet connections like dial-up, mobile, ISDN, and economy class DSL and Cable internet.

Now my website should load in a few seconds for most internet connection speed types.

The sidebar is at the right of the website now, so users who use mobile devices like Cell phones, and Tablets in portrait mode/vertically can still read my articles as long as their resolution width in portrait mode is big enough without zooming out. Older Mobiles with lower width resolution in landscape/horizontal mode can also easily view my website without zooming out if their resolution is high enough.

This means more users who visit this site will be able to view my site comfortably on a cell phone or tablet without horizontal scrolling. I also got rid of some modules in Drupal for faster loading since there are fewer objects on the site to load.

Also, most of the newer articles I posted are text based, so people who have problems seeing images and videos, or are blind could still use a text to speech program to read my articles out loud with a program like Orca Screen Reader for Gnome which can read text out loud on Linux operating systems.  Also, my text based articles should mean search engines which mostly index text could index more of my articles, and bring more visitors to this website.  Plus, text based articles load faster then video, and picture files, so people with slow connections can read my text articles, and get information faster then waiting for a video or picture to load.

I also published 11 new articles related for Ubuntu for Beginners which you can find in the top right under the Ubuntu Starter Guide heading these articles should help computer users who never heard about  Ubuntu or Linux use it on their existing computer, try it out, or install it on their new computer.

I added a Google Custom Search to the top right of the website to make it easier for users to search for Ubuntu Linux topics which I posted on this website, and other websites via Google Search.

Lastly, I renamed, and removed some of the links in the sidebar, so visitors can find links easier without being distracted from too many links. I also repositioned some of the objects on this website to not distract people from reading content, searching for content, and site navigation while on this website.

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