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Turn ON Single Mouse Click in Ubuntu 10.10 Desktop and Folders Video

I teach you how to turn on single click for your computer mouse when browsing your Ubuntu Linux desktop and folders in Ubuntu 10.10 Linux. Turning On Single Click will save you time since now you just have to click once to open programs, files, and folders in Ubuntu. Also, this makes your clicking finger less tired when you do a left-click on your mouse. In the long-run, your left click button will last longer because you are clicking it less because you just have to click an item once to open it.

1. Open up your Home Folder by going to the Places menu on the top toolbar, and clicking on the home folder option.

2. Go to Edit Menu in your home folder, and click the preferences menu item.

3. In Preferences, click on the behaviour tab.

4. Pick the “Single Click to open item” radio button, and close the window by clicking the close button at the bottom right.

5. Test out single click.

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