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How to change Ubuntu’s 9.04 Appearance

Learn how to change your Appearance in Ubuntu Linux 9.04 for your desktop background, Windows and toolbar theme color and appearance schemes, desktop and application fonts, user interface, and visual effects for increase animation or performance. In Ubuntu Linux it is very easy to change your appearance settings with the Ubuntu Linux Appearance Wizards,

1. Go to System > Preferences > Appearance

Apearance location

2. The theme tab is for adjusting how your windows will look like in Ubuntu. Click on the theme you like.

Theme tab

3. Click on the Add button and look for a picture file that you saved on your computer to add a new picture to your Background. Click on the style menu to choose have your picture stretched, tiled, or centered.

Background tab

4. The fonts tab is for changing how fonts are displayed on Ubuntu.

Fonts tab

5. The interface tab is for adjusting how your Windows buttons like Back, Forward, etc will look like within the file explorer.

Interface tab

6.Visual effects tab is for adjusting how Ubuntu shows animation when opening, closing and minimizing your windows. I recommend “none” for older PCs, normal for mid-end PC, Extra for high end computers with fast video cards.

Appearance tab

7.Click close button at the lower right of the Window when you are done with customizing how Ubuntu looks.

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