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How to update Ubuntu 9.04 with Ubuntu Update manager

Updating Ubuntu Linux 9.04 will make Ubuntu more secure, bug-free, and patch up problems which was causing Ubuntu to be slow which will increase your performance for Ubuntu. The Ubuntu Update Manager also updates your third party software like Firefox, OpenOffice, etc to patch their bugs, and make them perform faster as well. Updating Ubuntu Linux is very easy and fast all you need is an internet connection and an administrator password which is the password you made when you installed Ubuntu to update Ubuntu Linux.

Login as an administrator user in Ubuntu.

1. go to Systems>Administration>Update Manager

Update manager location

2. Press on “Check” button and type in your administrator password. Press Enter.

Press Check button

3. Click on “Install Updates” button.

Install button

4. Wait for install files to finish installing. You may or may not have to restart your computer after the updates are installed.

5. close the update manager window when all updates have been installed. You may need to restart your computer to fully install all the updates in Ubuntu Linux.

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