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Videoconferencing Tips

Videoconferencing is a very powerful tool in today’s business environment.  It allows you to communicate with others in real time at just a click away on your computer.  You can both see and hear the other person on the other side at a moment’s notice.  And since it is such a powerful tool, it makes sense to make the most of it for your business dealings.  Listed below are some suggestions or tips so that you can take advantage of this modern and convenient technology as best as possible.   

What to wear

If you’re making an important business presentation or plan to videoconference to your boss or clients, wear clothes that are most suitable for the camera.  Solid gray or blues are usually the best, and if using a television monitor, white and black shirts can also be beneficial.  Just be careful not to wear colors that match your skin color too much, as it can wash out your appearance. 

Prior to logging on

Even before you dial your colleague or contact, make sure that the microphone and the speakers are working.  If using a headset, make sure that they are functioning properly.  Sit close to the camera so that the other person will be able to see you. And close any blinds so that the natural light doesn’t reflect off the screen.  

Be aware of sounds

Imagine that you’re in a recording studio and every sound and movement is picked up on the microphone.  Basically,that’s the same scenario here, thought on a smaller scale.  Be conscious of sounds that you might make by shuffling papers or with background music that might be playing in the office.  And try to turn your cell phones to vibrate and external sounds to a bare minimum.  It can even pick up your conversation if you’re whispering to a co-worker. 

Speak clearly

When speaking into the microphone, speak clearly and use your normal tone,without shouting.  Make sure the person (people) on the other side can hear you before you continue.  Let them know as well if you can hear them. And limit any conversations that you might have to make with others in your office. 

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