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Learn how to use Ubuntu and Oracle Open Office to write an E-book video

I’ll teach you how to write a E-book in PDF  format in Oracle OpenOffice Writer. In this video, I’ll mostly show you how to make bookmarks, and links in Open Office Writer for make navigating your E-book a lot faster and easier. I’ll also show you how to export your E-book to PDF format with Open Office Writer, so E-book readers and most modern computers can read your E-book.

Ubuntu is one of the best operating system for OpenOffice since OpenOffice comes installed by default in Ubuntu, and Ubuntu is free, so you would not need to spend money on an operating system, so you can use the OS to run Open Office. Plus, Open Office 10.04-10.10 also comes with Ubuntu One which you can use to back up your E-book to the internet, so if your computer breaks, or get stolen, you’ll still have a copy of your E-book on your Ubuntu One online storage account.

An E-book is a great way to promote your website, ideas, or make a little extra money by selling it on online marketplaces.

To make a bookmark in OpenOffice, Highligt the text you want to bookmark like a “Chapter title” with your mouse, go to the insert menu, pick bookmark from the menu. Give the Bookmark a name, and press OK.

To make a link, highlight the text you want to link to your bookmark, and press the link button on your Toolbar. Click on the document icon in the link windows’ left side.

Click on the target icon button which looks like a circle. Go to the bookmarks section, and pick the bookmark which you want to link to, and click the apply and close button. Lastly, click the apply and close button for the Link window, too.

When you finish writing, and making the table of contents for your E-book, you can export it to PDF by going to the File menu, and Exporting it to PDF or by clicking the PDF button on the top toolbar in OpenOffice.

Congrats, now You know how to write a Ebook.

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